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NoBore was born when we found ourselves on business trips and did not know the area. Although we tried several apps, none of them satisfied us entirely. Every time we had to spent to much time to explore our leisure time activities. This is why NoBore came into our mind.

During our Master studies we found time and support to tackle our idea and make it work. Our goal is to make all business trips unique.

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Enjoy Dinner

Having a joint dinner after a stressful day with other persons can be fun. You can chat about everything, not only about work but your holidays, hobbies or current news.

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Hit the pitch

What is more enjoyable than a nice workout? Not many things. Free your mind, enjoy physical training and get a suitable sparring partner.

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Listen to your favorite Acts

Hit the dance floor, listen to your favorite band and dance as if there was no tomorrow. And before that, find someone to go together with to avoid awkwardness.

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Unforgettable Ballett

Classical or modern interpretations promise an unforgettable experience. Take a cozy seat and enjoy your time.

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Chat and Beer

Calming down, get a pint from the tap and talk to people with same interests, maybe watching a football match in the bar. Anyway, it promises a chill evening.

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Explore the city, join a tour or meet others who want to explore it, too. Go for it and learn about the city. You don't want to go home and tell: I have never seen the center.

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